Black Creek Park

On Easter Monday we went to Black Creek Park. We caught the nature bug after our Easter hike. The weather was seriously different though. Instead of 80 it was just shy of 60. But the sun was shining, so it wasn’t all bad. Anthony, Willy and I went over after Willy asked for a car ride. It was so cute after we got in the car I asked, “where do you want to go?” He promptly relied, “Motma’s!” Well, my mom and dad had just left the day before, so we weren’t quite due for a visit. Then, we started driving down Chili Ave. towards the park and he knows Byrne Dairy is in that direction, and whispers “ice cream!” He really is so sweet! So we went to the park first and I promised he could get ice cream afterward. The biggest attraction for Willy at Black Creek Park is the playground. This playground is quite fun! It was pretty crowded since it was a holiday, but still plenty of room for everyone to play. Willy ran into a friend from nursery school, but barely played with him as he had his own agenda. Anthony soon grew impatient with the playground and wanted to explore the trails. I knew it was going to be wet on the trails and Willy won’t wear boots, and Anthony didn’t wear his, so we just took a walk around the pond and out on the wooden walkway this time. We have been here before and explored more of the trails. We have seen deer in the woods, and searched for several of the hidden Geocaches in the park. This time, we saw some fish in the extremely clear water, we watched a little boy catch a fish, too. That was pretty cool, and we saw turtles sunning themselves on a stick.

We will be back to Black Creek Park a few times this summer I’m sure, but also hope that this list of adventures provides us with some new places to explore.


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